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Residential & Business Fire Alarm Systems

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So Much More Than A Fire Alarm

Alarms of Berkshire County has been delivering the finest fire alarm systems for over 30 years. The technology has changed with the times, but the sense of urgency and the devastation that comes with fire is still as important today as it ever was. Bad wiring, appliance malfunction, equipment failure an untended cigarette or even arson are reason enough to ensure you are well-prepared and alerted properly if a fire breaks out. It saves lives, as well as, reduces property damage.

We are expert at determining the best path for your needs and your budget. We will customize your system utilizing some or all of our services.
Fire Alarm SYSTEMS for your home or business might include:
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection options
  • Smoke and Heat Detection options
  • Sprinkler Supervision and Water Flow options
  • Emergency Evacuation options
Fire Alarm SERVICES for your home or business might include:
  • System-wide Inspections and Maintenance - Annually
  • Cleaning, Testing and Calibration of Smoke or CO Detectors
  • Around the clock Monitoring for fire signals, fire alarm trouble signals and sprinkler tamper signals
If you choose our services you can rest assured that you will be provided with the proper equipment, installed in the correct manner.

All of our system installations are performed in accordance with appropriate municipal and state building codes, and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations. For commercial establishments in particular, municipal fire codes mandate fire and smoke detection systems be in place before certificates of occupancy can be issued. And…if you do a major remodeling project at your home, these same codes may require you to bring your entire residence into compliance with current codes and standards.