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The State of Home Security in the Berkshires

Whether you call the Berkshires home year-round or seasonally, you know that this is a special region with so much to love. With beautiful landscapes, a vibrant arts scene, and tight-knit communities, many of us have chosen to buy homes and raise families here. But how safe is the area—and how safe is your home?

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Posted 7/20/2021

Landscaping for Home Security

Each year, there are more than a million home burglaries in the United States. While exterior security cameras for your home are one of the best ways to deter thieves, your landscaping can also go a long way in protecting you from break-ins. Here’s how.

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Posted 6/8/2021

Vacation Safety Tips for Your Home

It’s finally here: your summer vacation! While there’s truly no place like home, you’re probably ready to run right out the door. But whether it’s a long weekend in the mountains or an even longer sojourn by the shore, you’ll want to return to your house just as you left it—which is why it’s important to have a plan for keeping your home safe while on vacation.

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Posted 5/19/2021

Small Business Security Systems: Is a DIY System Right for You?

You’ve worked hard to build your small business, and you want to protect it the best you can—but you still need to save time and money. It’s a familiar situation, and out of this need many small business security systems have sprung up on the market, allowing you to take a DIY approach to your security.

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Posted 5/3/2021

Tips for Protecting Your Valuables While Moving

If you’re thinking of moving, you’re not alone! Americans have been relocating in record numbers, with the majority fleeing large, densely populated cities and seeking a lower cost of living, an improved quality of life, and more space for their families. However, the move itself—usually a time of distraction, stress, and loosely controlled chaos—can be risky for your possessions and valuables. Here’s how to make sure your things are protected.

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Posted 4/14/2021

How to Prevent Package Theft

Online shopping is more popular than ever before—it’s a convenient way to get what we need while saving time and money. And in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping is also undoubtedly a safer option. But as the number of deliveries increases, package theft is also on the rise. So how can you protect yourself from “porch piracy”?

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Posted 3/25/2021

Home Security for Seniors

If you or a loved one have experienced age-related mobility or cognitive changes, you’ve probably started thinking about how to alter your home and lifestyle. While you’re focused on creating an accessible and safe living environment, don’t overlook adaptations that should be made to your home security.

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Posted 2/11/2021

The State of Home Fire Safety in Massachusetts

Massachusetts recently achieved a remarkable milestone: 2020 was the state’s first year on record where no children died in fires. Children are typically at an increased risk of dying in home fires, so this news is especially encouraging. According to the state fire marshal, several changes contributed to the decrease in deaths—learn about these factors and make sure your family is protected, too.

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Posted 1/14/2021