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Everyday Security Tips

Homes without a home-security/alarm system report a much higher break-in rate. Invest in an alarm system to protect your home ... and use it.

While no home is completely burglar-proof, most burglars are attracted to an easy target. By following the simple steps listed below, and by installing a security system from ALARMS of Berkshire County, you can make your home much less attractive to the potential burglar.

  • Make sure all the entrances to your home or business are well-lit.
  • Trim shrubs and trees that obscure windows and doors.
  • Make sure you know who is outside before you open an exterior door.
  • Install adequate locks on all windows and exterior doors.
  • Post your house number clearly and keep it well-lit at night.
  • Make sure that openings like crawl spaces, skylights and vents are properly protected.
  • Keep all doors - including garage doors - closed and locked at all times, even while you are at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a security system cost?
Every alarm system will be different because every home and business is unique. Call us and allow our security specialists to perform a free analysis of your security needs and present you with a customized and affordable proposal that suits you.

Who manufactures your equipment?
We have many different vendors in the ALARMS industry. The type of system that will be in your home or business depends upon your specific needs and lifestyle. Some of our main suppliers include:
How long is my contractual obligation?
Our normal monitoring contract is renewable annually. There is no long-term obligation and no lease fees. You own your system equipment.

What if I have a business that I want protected?
ALARMS of Berkshire County has specialists in both residential and commercial applications. Whether it is a basic security system you are looking for, or a more sophisticated system to include Fire safety, closed-circuit television, access control, and even environmental controls; WE CAN HELP.

Who monitors my alarm system?
Once installed, your alarm system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When activated, your system is programmed to call Central Station Operators via the telephone lines in your home or via cellular communication. These trained security specialists keep an eye on your home and your business so you don't have to. All Central Station employees are required to pass a thorough background screening, substance abuse testing and participate in a specialized and structured mandatory training program. We can also provide you with "secured monitoring" with internet monitoring, long-range radio, or cellular back-up systems.

If I have a security or fire system installed, might I be eligible for any premium reductions in my property insurance?
Yes, depending on your insurance company. If ALARMS of Berkshire County is monitoring and maintaining your alarm system on an annual basis, you may qualify for a premium reduction on your property insurance. At the request of our customers, we send a certified Alarm Certificate to their insurance agent upon completion of installation.

May I pay on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis?
Yes. Our normal monitoring contract is paid annually, however you may make arrangements for other payment options with our finance department.

Does ALARMS of Berkshire County accept credit card payments?
Yes. We accept Visa and MasterCard

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